Poster Sessions

We are planning to introduce Digital Posters as a new format at FSM3. The Digital Poster allows for a higher degree of interactivity. How this format will be staged exactly, will depend on the available infrastructure and technical support.

The digital poster session will be held in the ‘Active Learning Space’ that will have screens with tables and chairs clustered at each.  There are just under 45 posters, with 5 thirty-minute sessions showcasing up to 9 posters each.

Presenters will be asked to bring their own laptop. We are planning to have extra laptops available, allowing the posters not currently on the monitors to be viewed.

Presenters and the audience should not rely on audio for the presentation session. At this stage it’s not sure if the monitors include sound (and sound through the provided laptops will be difficult to hear and add noise to an already busy room).

Presenters are able to give informal presentations to small groups as delegates move around the room.

Check the program and the website regularly for an update and more details.